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PT Parna Raya established its energy business in early 2000 by constructing two major gas transportation pipelines in two industrial estate locations, in Bontang, East Kalimantan and Cibitung, West Java. With the increasing price of crude oil and along with the limited production and reserves, PT Parna Raya entered a promising alternative energy business, which is the natural gas industry. From its experience as a gas transporter in Bontang and Cibitung, PT Parna Raya has proven its competency by signing a gas off-take from Husky Oil (Madura BD) Ltd.

The Gas Sales Contract was signed in October 2007 and is estimated to start commercial production in late 2012. PT Parna Raya will be transportating 40 MMSCFD of natural gas to PT Indonesia Power through sub-sea pipeline system, covering the length of 30 km by design, which is planned to be built immediately, PT Parna Raya is also set to develop other energy resources (LPG, Power) and alternative renewable resources in Bio Energy, such as indonesian Steam Coal.

After successfully establishing and operating the gas pipeline distribution system in Bontang, East Kalimantan, PT SAGN's shareholders ar Entrusted by PT Pertamina to transport natural gas in the Industrial Estate MM2100. The Estate is an industrial center for foreign investor to develop a high-technology industry. By laying the gas pipeline distribution system, covering an area of approximately 10 km, with 10-inch diameter pipe, designed to transport 10 MMSCFD of gas volume, PT Isma Asia Indotama is actively involved in supporting the growth of Indonesia's industrial sector.

PT Sistima Aliran Gas Nusantara (SAGN), also member of Parna Raya Group, was established in 2000 to lay gas pipeline distribution system, from Km 53 Bontang to the Kaltim Industrial Estate (KIE). SAGN started transporting gas in 2001, supplying various petrochemical factories in the KIE, including ammonia, urea fertilizer and methanol factories. The gas distribution pipelines are designed to distribute up to 400 MMSCFD of gas volume.

In cooperation with the renowned gas company, PT Pertamina Gas, SAGN will managed the gas distribution in Bontang for next 20 years. Considering the high demand and supply of natural gas, SAGN is optimistic in becoming one of the largest gas transportation companies in Indonesia.

PT SURYA PARNA NIAGA known as PT SPN is a subsidiary company of Parna Raya, operating in the trading business of petroleum products such as high speed diesel, fuel oils, gasoline ron 92 and gasoline ron 95 for indonesian market. To enhance the existing, hence PT.SPN foreseen the participation in the niche commodity petroleum distribution in indonesian's domestic markets. The company supplies petroleum products, like high speed diesel, fuel oil and industrial oil, to various market segment's such as power plant industries, transportation companies, mining industries, etc.

PT SURYA PARNA NIAGA aims to be a leader in the retail fuel market. The company is proud to take an active role in the development of Indonesia's petroleum. In downstream business we will focus in serving Indonesia market especially in fuel trading. It covers Sumatera, Kalimantan, East Java and Sulawesi Region. The company strive to offer better quality and better services such as:

  • Competitive Price. The company launchs its petroleum products with better pricing in the market. For the long run usage, the combination of the quality product and the competitive pricing that the company offer will significantly support the customers in saving more on the annual operational cost.
  • On Time Delivery. On time delivery is essential for the daily run of the customers. With our supply, we always assure the customers to attain their request on schedule despite the fluctuating nature of products.
  • Guarantee Supply. On an effort to supply the products to customer, the company will endeavor to meet the contractual commitments with the approved commodity specification. We will also endeavor to ensure that such supply in the underlying contract will not be disrupted. The company guarantee to always deliver the precise volume to our customers.
  • Better Services. The company offers its services continue even after the customers have made purchased order.