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PT Parna Raya together with its affiliate companies, Parna Australia Pty. Ltd. and Parna Artha Singapore Pte.Ltd., facilitates trading of various commodities, such as fertilizers, industrial salt, ammonia, methanol and other producers, such as PT Pupuk Kaltim, PT Pupuk Sriwijaya, PT Pupuk Iskandar Muda and PT Pupuk Kujang. The Company will continue to export this commodity as long as the export license is issued by the goverment. In the future, the company will also imports Rock Phosphate from Egypt. Nationally, PT Parna Raya is one of the major traders in the-subsidized Urea, especially to Sumatera market.

PT Parna Raya's business partners included prominent companies such as PT Pupuk Iskandar Muda, PT Pupuk Kaltim, PT Pupuk Kujang, PT Pupuk Sriwijaya, PT Semen Padang, PT Semen Tonasa and PT Garam, as well as State-owned Plantation and Private Plantations. With support from the transportation and freight forwarding operations and having advantage of a vast global network we are confident that PT Parna Raya will continue to move forward in the future. The company has plans to expand to other commodities, such as coal for local and export markets.

Parna Australia Pty. Ltd. is also a Parna Raya Group's affiliate company focusing in trading business and is set to serve the Asia Pacific Region. Parna Australia Pty. Ltd.'s first business is to export high-grade solar salt produced in Shark Bay, Western Australia one of the first salt fields established in the area. The salt was exported to PT. Garam Persero, a state-owned enterprise located in Surabaya, East Java. The company's business steadily grew and today, its customers included private and publicly listed companies, such as Asian Pulp and Paper, a subsidiary company of Sinar Mas Group, one of Indonesia's conglomerate giants, with Parna Australia Pty.Ltd. acting as the agent for Mitsui Corp's 100-percent-owned Shark Bay Salt Pty.Ltd.

Amongst the commodities exported into indonesia are industrial salt and pine log. Apart from Indonesia itself, Vietnam and Bangladesh have also become our export destinations for Australian Commodities, including hard-wood, livestock and coal.

As with Parna Raya and the group's other affiliates, Parna Australia Pty.Ltd. is also geared to accommodate further business expansions and explorations in indonesia, as well as in the Asia Pacific regions. Its long and tested experience has rewarded Parna Australia Pty.Ltd. with trust from both customers and business partners. This has enabled the company to offer consultancy services for commodity and joint-venture business developments, where Parna Australia Pty.Ltd. acts as a lialison between Australia and other countries. In 2010, we have excess in salt commodity to export to indonesia in conjunction with Shark Bay Salt Pty.Ltd. as our principal.

Parna Artha Singapore Pte.Ltd. was founded as a subsidiary of Parna Raya Group to operate and manage the Group's trading business expansions and is set to serve the Asia Pacific regions.

Currently, Parna Artha Singapore Pte.Ltd. trades 100,000 tonnes each of Methanol and Ammonia annually to international buyers, including Thailand, Korea and Japan. Estabilshed by the 2nd generation of Parna Raya Group, we believe that the company will continue to trade business transactions and grow internationally with the support of highly experienced professional teams.