Established and incorporated on 6th May 1992 as one of the subsidiary of PT Parna Raya, PT Pelyaran Arthasamudera Mandiri with two general bulk cargo vessels named MV. Artha 8 and MV. Artha Samudera, with total DWT of 8,750 metric tonnes. They were under long term contracts, trading in the domestic sea voyages, transporting and distributing PT Pusri manufactured fertilizer to various ports throughput Indonesia.
Both Vessels ended their long term contracts in 2005 and eventually sold in 2007.
PT Pelayaran Arthasamudera Mandiri has recently repositioned itself with acquisition of formerly MV.Chemtrans Christian renamed MV.Parna Berlian 2, trading as Ammonia Tanker one of only two indonesian tankers trading within indonesia.
PT Pelayaran Arthasamudera Mandiri has secured long term contracts with several Customers even before her first shipment, virtually guaranteeing her full employment from now onwards, a commendable success, thanks to synergy with clear strong vision and well organized planning by the Groupis Top Level Management Team.