PT Surya Parna Niaga known as PT SPN is a Subsidiary company of Parna Raya, operating in the trading business of petroleum products such as high speed diesel, fuel oils, gasoline ron 92 and gasoline ron 95 for indonesian market. To enhance the existing hence PT SPN foreseen the participation in the niche commodity petroleum distribution in indonesian's domestic markets. The Company supplies pettroleum products like high speed diesel, fuel oil and industrial oil, to various market segment's such as power plant industries, transportation companies, mining industries, etc.
PT Surya Parna Niaga aims to be a leader in the retail fuel market. The Company is proud to take an active role in the development of Indonesia's Petroleum. In Downstream business we will focus in serving indonesia market especially in fuel trading. It Covers Sumatera, Kalimantan, East Java and Sulawesi Regions. The Company strive to offer better quality and better services such as: - Competitive Price. The company launchs its petroleum products with better pricing in the market. For the long run usage, the combination of the quality product and the competitive pricing that the company offer will significantly support the customers in saving more on the annual operational cost.
- On Time Delivery. On time delivery is essential for the daily run on the customers. With our supply, we always assure the customers to attain their request on schedule despite the fluctuating nature of products.
- Guarantee Supply. On an effort to supply the products to customer, the company will endeavor to meet the contractual commitments with the approved commodity specification. We will also endeavor to ensure that such supply in the underlying contract will not disrupted. The Company guarantee to always deliver the precise volume to our customers.
- Better Service. The Company offers its services continue even after the customers have made purchased order.