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Land transportation is the business embryo of PT Parna Raya. On June 7, 1972, PT Parna Raya was established and the date is celebrated today as the anniversary of Parna Raya. Initially, our trucks mostly carried steel from PT Krakatau Stell, the State-Owned Steel Industry. At present, Parna Raya Land Transportation serves a large number of leading customers from plates, oil billets and steel, fertilizer, pulp and poles, with 125 truck units, heavy tronton and 25 and 45 tons trailers, continued Cilegon to Tangerang, Jakarta. , Bekasi, Cikarang, Karawang and Cikampek. Parna Raya Truck has a total carrying capacity of around 5,000 tons in a 4-hectare truck pond in Sukapura, North Jakarta. Borrow this modern truck carefully and skillfully to provide high-quality services to our customers.

The first business expansion of PT. Parna Raya after successfully arranging land transportation To support its business, PT. Parna Raya opened a subsidiary company in Medan: PT Bintang Teratai in 1979 and PT Artha Siloam in 1988. The freight forwarding business supports, supports, provides, installs, provides warehouse and loading and unloading (loading and unloading) services). All of these supporting services and infrastructure make our company one of the legal goods sending companies in Indonesia to survive in competition in this field, which focuses on economics, one of the few goods provider companies in Indonesia to survive in competition in this field, Support after economic improvement in Indonesia at the end of this millennium.